Coop5 30 year reunion!
Friday August 20 - Sunday August 22 2004
We came and then we went.

The facts from Jim Lazar.
Paul's reflections.
Why is this Kitchen Here?

   The Polaroids from 1989.
   Paul's 1974ish slide show (flash).

Some of us have websites :)
   Tom and Cheryl Thornton
   Penelope Houston
   Kathy Cosley and Mark Houston
   Paul Rother

If anyone wants to post picts or stories, or whatever, email me (paul) :)

The roster is here. (password protected, use mom and dad's first names for username/pw, all lowercase). If you can't open it or want to add/correct some information, please email me :)
ps. please forgive this less than stellar webpage design. Any creative contributions accepted.